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What is BroteinBox?

BroteinBox sends delicious, protein-packed snacks to your home or office, every month. We're always on the hunt for the best-tasting, healthiest food. We'll help you discover your new favorite snacks without stepping foot inside a grocery store.

Not only will you get to try new snacks from top-notch brands, you're also saving money because we buy in bulk and pass along the savings to you. We're proud to offer different products each month, but here's an idea of what types of protein-packed snacks to expect:  Protein Bars, Beef & Turkey Jerky, Protein Chips, and other unique and healthy snacks.

Stick to your diet. We send you protein-packed snacks each month, so you can always be anabolic.

Save money. We buy in bulk and pass along the savings to you. Subscriptions start as low as $36 a month with free shipping.

Ditch the hassle. We check the labels, taste-test the product, and ship it to your home or office.

How it works

1. Choose Your Plan

Join the movement and get a monthly box of 10-13 protein-packed snacks. Save money on your BroteinBox by signing up for our 3 or 6 month subscription.

2. Get Your BroteinBox

We ship our boxes out on the 5th of each month. In just a matter of days you'll have healthy, protein-packed snacks at your door.

3. Feed The Beast

We're passionate about fueling our bodies so they can do amazing things. We've selected only the best, high-protein snacks that taste great. Enjoy!

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